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Can it be true..?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008   |   1 comments

Oh. My. God.

Don't all look at once, kids, but I think "Recent Comments" is back in the land of the living!

Muchas gracias to Himself for sorting the blimmin' thing out for me x


"Recent Comments" is on the blink

Thursday, August 07, 2008   |   6 comments

Oh, I was so excited when I first stuck up and customized my lovely "Recent Comments" widget. There had been problems with it on and off, when some readers could see it but others couldn't depending on their OS and browser and where the moon was in relation to Jupiter and all the rest. Now, however, it seems to be kaputt an awful lot of the time. I've had a fiddle with it and tried a few different tweakings but to no avail.

It seems that I'm in good company at least; it looks to have recently been acting the mick for Homebug and Design in Dublin too. Sorted for them now though, the lucky divils.

Anyways, you can still leave an oul' comment simply by clicking on the pink "X number of comments" link at the bottom of all posts that underlines itself when your cursor hovers over it. And even if you've never commented before or don't really "do" blogs, I'd love to hear from you. Honest to God, there's nothing to be afraid of, tis dead easy!
1. Type your thoughts in the box provided ("Your blog's too pink", "Who the f*ck is Boris?", "Are you watching that Fáilte Towers yoke?", whatever)
2. Blogger throws up a random sequence of characters for you to copy into the field provided - this is just to verify that you're a real person and not a robotic spamming machine!
3. Decide whether you want to be a nameless stalker type by selecting "Anonymous" as your identity or click "Name/URL" to make yourself and your blog or site (if you have one, just leave it blank if not) known
4. Click "Publish Your Comment"

Et voilà!

And, fingers crossed, I'll get "Recent Comments" back up and running perfectly very soon so your comments can be displayed in all their glory in the sidebar :D

(Darragh, the man behind one of my favourite blogs and who I should really sort out a link to, has two excellent posts on the subject if you fancy some more in-depth reading about how to leave comments. Check them out here and here.)


Oopsie - but also yaysie!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008   |   5 comments

Profuse apologies from the very bottom of my heart for the distinct lack of posts recently. My dog ate my laptop, see... ah no, but I have been busy busy busy of late. Honest.

We were in the South of France, dahling, for a week in the middle of July and then I was getting ready for My Driving Test - which I passed on Friday, huzzah!

I was particularly relieved because my little sister had just gotten hers the day before on her first outing; I was going to be pretty effing peeved if I didn't pass mine on my second go. On foot of that, I'm getting €115 back from my insurance company and have sent away for my new pink licence which will have a surprisingly decent passport-sized photo of yours truly affixed to it. I wholeheartedly recommend The Photo Centre in Naas for all your actually-I'd-rather-not-look-like-a-greyfaced-alien-freak-in-my-10-year-licence-or-passport-pic-thanks needs.

More news later this week, hopefully, but ta ta for now!


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