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Thursday, November 03, 2005   |   0 comments

This whole 'Lyndar the Merciless' [aaarr] thing started off as a misinterpretation of my moniker by a waitress in a Chicago pizzahouse. Well obviously it was a mistake; I mean who would have parents cruel enough to land them with 'Lyndar' in real life? People who have a brother called Algernon, I bet...

Anywho, after myself and Himself had a good laugh at the mad waitress, the misnomer stuck, much like a Shrove Tuesday pancake tossed overenthusiastically adheres to the ceiling. Himself is responsible for the 'the Merciless' bit, added because Lyndar has such an 'aaarr, now I am going to eat you, aaarr!!' ring to it. I have a few nicknames [at least, there are only a few that I know of]: I've always been 'Lynnie' at home to Mam & Dad & to the rest of my family & friends, unless of course I'm in trouble in which case I'm Firstname Middlename Confirmation Name Surname!! I like 'Lyndar the Merciless' though because it reminds me of spending three of the best months in my life in Chicago with Himself, and I'm secretly chuffed that it's not *just* a nickname, it's sort of a title as well. And it has even given rise to a host of spin-off nicknames, one of which is 'Blyndar' [tends to be used mostly by Himself in a whinge-y voice to enquire how long more I'm going to be in X shop. 'Blyyyyndaaaaar...']

What makes it really funny is that I am only a wee slip of a thing [although I swear blind that I am 5' 3½", the sad truth is that I'm only 5' 2", blub blub] and the scariest thing about me is probably my pointy-toe shoes :)

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