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Christmas part-ay-ing

Monday, December 19, 2005   |   0 comments

Work Christmas party was on Friday night - wine in the office, a loooovely dinner in The Courtyard Café in Donnybrook, a swift one in Madigan's and then on to Kiely's. I thought I was being trés demure and sensible in terms of my alcomohol consumption, but the thumping headache and queasiness the following morning suggest otherwise!! I blame the wine: if I'd just stuck to vodka sure I'd have been graaaaand. I could've enjoyed Vodkatinis and other such vodka-based cocktails, vodka and wine spritzers (the negative effects of the wine would've been neutralised by the vodka, d'you see), vodka jelly etc without getting fed up of having the same drinkie over and oooover again.


Toddled out to Rathfarnham to Dermo's Christmas soirée at about 12:30am where himself and Himself had gotten through, oh, about 15 Heinekens between them... shockingly enough, there were some very pale boys walking rather gingerly around the next morning!

Dragged Himself over to Dundrum around 4pm (well, we were so close that it'd have been rude not to) to get a friend's birthday pressie and a few bits and pieces for Christmas pressies. Dinner in Pizza Hut and then homewards pronto because I was going out with the laydees for Eims' birthday.

However, by about 11:30pm I was ab-sol-ute-ly pooped and had to excuse myself from the party proceedings which I felt rotten about but I was just too tired and flumpy to stay out.

I used to be able to go out night after night after night, have cocktails and still have no problems getting for work up the next morning. Now I can’t even hack two nights in a row.

Must be getting old.




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