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London calling

Monday, December 12, 2005   |   0 comments

Himself’s work Christmas party was on Saturday night in London [in the Mandarin Oriental hotel and complete with A Chocolate Room, trés fancy!] so we spent the weekend in Blighty. I had expected to get some Christmas shopping done, pick up a few things for a friend’s birthday present, and of course, buy some lovely things for myself that are not to be had in Ireland. I had planned the shopping aspect of the trip with military precision and travelled over armed with a copy of a booklet called “Shop London” from the good people at and two lists – one of stockists of Tarina Tarantino jewellery, the other of stockists of Sanrio merchandise.

I arrived home with two pairs of sparkly ballerina flats [a turquoise pair and a pewter pair], a Hello Kitty wallet, keyring and kid’s ring and a bottle of perfume that I hadn’t intended to buy but kind of got cornered into purchasing [I’m not even sure that I like it!]. So, not exactly the spend, spend, spend weekend I had planned.

Did go to see Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, though. Also saw the London Eye and was very relieved when it was decided we wouldn’t be taking a spin on it: I’m not good with heights at the best of times but it moves veeeeerrryyy sloooowwwlyyy and just the thoughts of being stuck a few hundred feet above the ground in a structure that looks likes something a hamster might enjoy for 30 minutes was really creeping me out.

I started to compose an e-mail this morning to tell a friend all about the weekend and decided I’d attach a picture of the dress I wore to the party since it was new and she hasn’t seen it yet. Couldn’t understand why I couldn’t locate it in the “Dresses” section of the Monsoon website, but when I went back to their homepage there was a photo of it, so of course I was delighted with myself… until I followed the link to see the photos of it and discovered that it is categorised as “Bridal Wear”!!!!!!!! Three strong cups of tea later and I’m still not quite over the shock.

I’ve decided that a boy obviously put their website together and thought: “Uuuh, white clothes. Uuuuh, they must be wedding dresses” because it does not look like a bride's frock, alright, it looks like cocktail wear. Stoopid boys!

See? It's knee length! And strapless! What hussy would wear something so revealing to her wedding?

See? It has big sparkles and a rose! Totally un-bridal.

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