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Christmas pressie update!

Thursday, January 19, 2006   |   0 comments

It has just occurred to me that since I haven't been posting in aaaaages, I haven't had the opportunity to tell y'all what I got for Christmas! So see below for a quick synopsis of some of the rather nice gifts that were bestowed upon moi...

Himself came through with this very funky pink phone which I looooooove

Miraculous pore minimiser stuff courtesy of meine Schwester*

The nurse also came through with this book which I wasn't sure of at first because so much of what's been written about the "revelations" of The Da Vinci Code is absolute tripe. (Apparently, the words fiction and artistic license don't ring any bells with some people.) However, this is v. well written tome is a compedium of articles from scholars and Church skeptics, so it's nicely balanced and impartial.

Mam and Dad gave me The Complete Works of James Joyce but I haven't opened it yet because I read an article before Christmas which said that the estate of James Joyce are suing the publishers of this collection for breach of copyright and the books are supposed to have typos and cheekily re-use stories from Dubliners as books in their own right and I'd feel funny about being party to that kind of abuse. I wish I'd never seen the bloody article!!!!

I know it's a kids dressing gown. Grown-up sized ones just don't fit me, I too lickle! This one was another part of my pressie from Mam and Dad and it's so nice: fits perfectly, is cute and really soft and warm (N.B. at 6.20 in the morning!)

I also scored one of the best gifts ever... cold, hard CASH! (Well, actually it was room temperatured, loves-ya-back, foldable money. Frankly, I think some people give cash too much of a hard time.)

* remember folks: worrying about the size of your pores doesn't make you obsessive, narcissistic or imply you have awful skin thanks to a diet of pizza. It makes you a girl...



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