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Mo gluaisteán féin

Tuesday, January 31, 2006   |   0 comments

Right. I'm going to do it. Nobody try to stop me! I have my mind made up and I'm not for turning! That is, unless said turning involves an indicator and a steering wheel. That's right, people: I am (well, maybe/possibly/we'll see, sure) getting a gluaisteán.

Not just any old gluaisteán, obviously. In order to make life as difficult as possible, I have decided on a list of presrequisites. So, I am looking for...

... a 1.4l, metallic Sapphire Blue, 3-door Peugeot 206 with power steering, electric front windows, driver's airbag (at least; I'd be happier with passenger's too) and remote central locking, with the lowest possible mileage (c. 50,000), alloys, sports spoiler, and front fog lights which are fitted as low-level spots on the lower front bumper. In short, this car:

... well, maybe not this exact car, this is just a bit less expensiv-o. Asking price on this is something like €7,500 whereas I am thinking more along the lines of maybe a '98/'99 reg for €4/5,000.

Even before I buy the bloody thing, I have an awful sense of foreboding that I will try to "improve" it. And before the snide comments about "souped-up" and "modified" cars begin to pour in, I would like to put on record that I consider those to be dirty words. I can expressly assure you that I will not be fitting a fire-spewing exhaust that emits a noise equivalent to the US army fleet taking to the air, a spoiler that would look more at home on the arse of a cruise ship, or naff tinted windows that even a secret agent embroiled in some dangerous undercover espionage would be loathe employ. Nonetheless, I would not be totally averse to a little twiddling and tweaking and some very minor additions or substitutions that would enhance the look of the thing. For starters, I'm thinking...

Exhibit A: Sports rear lights

Exhibit B: Drinks holder in place of stinky ashtray

Exhibit C: Sports spoiler

Worryingly, it seems like this kind of thing might just be the top of a slippery slope on the tip of an iceberg. From Crystal tail lights and a sporty spoiler, what if it's just a hop, a skip and a jump to resprays, neons, and (God between us and all harm) full body kits? I feel that I'd have been relatively safe from the temptation of fiddling with motors if I hadn't come across the "Pink My Ride" section of a UK car accessories site. I used to think of cars that had been toyed with by their owners as butch, noisy, and often just plain revolting.

Now, I can't help but wonder if any car is truly complete without pink LED valve caps, a pink neon gearknob, pink seats or carpet or mats, and maybe a few strategically placed Tinker Bell accessories for good measure...

Or maybe I should just abandon all subtlety in favour of summat like this (seriously, I wheely like it!)...



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