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Valo's: The Update

Wednesday, February 15, 2006   |   1 comments

Well, Himself really outdid himself (yuk yuk) yesterday. We take turns organising stuff to do on Valo's Day and this year the deed fell to him. (Previous February 14ths have involved a trip to the zoo, a bus tour of Dublin, a Tommy Tiernan gig, massages in a Chicago spa and an architectural boat tour on the Chicago River so the pressure to deliver was really on.)

Around 2 or 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon I got a message to say that there was a delivery for me at the main reception and could I come collect it; it was the most elegant bunch of flowers I've ever seen with a single red rose, a huge spray of pink orchids and really unusual foliage in a glass vase. And there was I thinking a white rose was as good as it gets!! There was a card with the flowers addressed to "Lynnie" with the message "Loves ya much" - I'd like to have heard the conversation where that text was dictated so precisely!!

After work, I headed straight into town and checked into The Westin. It's one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in. I am horrifically fussy about hotel rooms and usually expect to have to request a change of room because of cleanliness issues/the room just being plain wrong (a double bed and two twin beds pushed together are simply not the same bloody thing, people!), but no such drama in The Westin. The room was beyond clean, large, with elegant decor, a marble bathroom and a seperate shower room, and overlooked the central Atrium of the hotel (which is probably thebest view available; a room facing onto the outside world would be looking out on Westmoreland Street, Fleet Street, D'Olier Street or the bus stops at the side of Trinity College. Not very picturesque!) All in all: fanceeee!

We had dinner in The Chilli Club on Anne's Lane which was absolutely Thai-licious. The staff were nice and the place itself is lovely, small but perfectly formed. Additionally, the meal was pretty cheap-o considering the loveliness of the whole experience so well done on a super restaurant choice, Himself!

On to the Abbey to see a performance of "Homeland" - we're cultured, us - which Himself really liked, then back to the hotel's bar for cocktails [a Metropolitan for me, a Toblerone for Himself, a Lemongrass & Lime Martini for Himself, a Passion Martini for me...] and onwards to the room for champagne.

Oooh la la..!



  • At 5:15 pm, February 16, 2006, Anonymous sharon said…

    Dear lyndar,
    We at prepared and delivered your flowers for you. WE are glad you were so pleased with them and that you enjoyed you whole valentines experience .


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