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Yay shoppiiiing!!

Friday, February 17, 2006   |   0 comments

Yesterday was Thursday. Thursday is great because it's only one day away from the weekend but also because it's late night shoppiiiiiiiiiing day!! In addition to this, yesterday was payday for me and new money in the bank, super-close proximity to the weekend, and late night shopping are my personal Holy Triumvirate of Wonderfabness. So I took myself off to na siopaí and bought some lovely things (and to my credit, I did actually need them)...

A new body brush from The Body Shop [the bristles on my old one were gone soft]

A new bronzer brush from The Body Shop [I bought my old one in MAC in Chicago and it has been moulting pretty much constantly since date of purchase, grrr.]

Perrty nooo shoooes from Dune: I looove them so much! [The justification for this is mostly that they're so perrty. Also, I was in need of smart flat shoes. Ehem.]

I also bought Himself a car charger for his iPod nano as an un-Valentine's present. I such a good girlfriend!



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