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Noooooo Howwwwse!

Thursday, August 17, 2006   |   0 comments

So, the news of the minute is mostly that Himself and I have just moved in to our noooo howwse. It's in Portarlington which seems very midlands until you remember that it's only 15 mins from Whitewater Shopp- err, Newbridge :) The house itself is in a v. cute estate of only 30 houses which are fairly new builds [3 years old] but look quite Georgian:

We moved into the gaff on Friday 04th August. Now, I am no Monica [oi, stop laughing down the back!], but the hob was *dis-gus-ting* and it took me about a week to clean off what I'm pretty sure was 3 years worth of burnt-on food. Methinks the thing had never seen a dishcloth in its life; it actually took some industrial strength super-cleaner to sort it out. [Which was lucky because I was all set to see if a stick of dynamite would lift some of the muck.]

Spent most of the August BH weekend in Woodies/B&Q/Arnotts/Roches etc buying things like irons and ironing boards and ironing board covers and pots & pans and egg flips and kitchen utensils and paint and wallpaper, *yawn*... oh alright, I loved it! Not quite shoe shopping, but fun [sadly!] none the less.

We are busy busy redecorating at the moment and trying to undo the hideous colour schemes of the previous owner [we're currently operating under the theory that she was a colour-blind lesbian; that would explain a lot.] Sitting room is almost finito, have gone for a café-au-lait palette of creams and browns with a fab wallpapered chimney breast [hey, don't judge it til you've seen the before and after photos!] Had also made a start on undercoating the Master Bedroom but work there has sort of ground to a halt, mostly because jobs and the working week keep getting in the way but also because I am feeling a bit cross with the walls for getting white paint all over the back of my favourite pair of jeans... ehem.

Will hopefully stick up some pics over the wk*end, but for now I'm off into town for a mooch around the shops. Ta-raaa!



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