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"Ouuurrr house / Is a very very very fine house...

Friday, September 08, 2006   |   1 comments

... with two cats in the yard / That aren't act-chew-ally ouurrrs..."

They're also not always in the yard, but you know what I mean. Not sure who they belong to, act-chew-ally; they're obviously vay well looked after [right down to their snazzy pink/polka dot collars!] but seem keen to adopt us. One of them actually breezed into the house when we were viewing it, meandered off up the stairs and looked thoroughly miffed at being kicked out ["This is outrageous!! Don't you people know who I am?!"] You can just see the offender in the picture of the front of our house below, she (he? It?) is the white cat in front of next door's red door. She (he? It? Any ideas?) has only been spotted in our back garden when the side gate is open. Seems to have picked up some manners since the viewing, which is sort of an impressive feat for a moggy. The other cat is black and white and frightened the shi bejaysus out of me one night a few weeks ago: as I glanced out the patio door into the dark back garden, there was only darkness, when I looked out again a split second later there was a great big pair of green eyes staring back at me [cue much shrieking and blaspheming, oopsie.] It wasn't so much the fact that this cat had wandered over to the window to have a gawk that freaked me out, sure that's pretty much what cats are made for. It was the way it seemed to have just apparated to a sitting position in front of the window, it didn't seem to have to move into position at all.

No wonder I'm a dog person!

Anyways, here are some [long overdue] pics of our new house - remember, these are the 'Before' pictures so it is obviously even prettier now [and the hideous colours shown here on the Master Bedroom walls are no more, hurrah!] These are largely for young Steven's benefit: when I met himself and Denise for lunch recently, he seemed - shock! - to be under the impression that drab purple and dirty blue would be grand colours for a bedroom. The photographic evidence begs to differ, m'lud...

Front of house

The downstairs toilette...

The beige-a-licious sitting room ;)

The kitchen [complete with World's Most Hideous Lino™ & icky cabinet doors, bleurrrgh]

Le Master Bedroom [this is the decor "scheme" that initially aroused our suspicions regarding the previous owner's potential lesbian colour-blindness]

The en-suite


The Guest Bedroom [oooooh, nice curtains! Not.]

The Master Bathroom


The Garden [which is about twice the size it looks here now that we've disposed of that MONSTER shed! The previous owner built it herself, fair play to her. However, this unnatural interest in carpentry + decor in Master Bedroom => COLOUR-BLIND LESBIAN, people!]

Floor Plans [you have to wonder - how many bathrooms can two people really need?!]



  • At 7:42 pm, September 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    dear Lyndar,
    i'm still not fully convinced about the colour blind lesbian thing. you clearly haven't been to Bray.
    maybe one colour is too strong for the other (or one to weak) but overall, tho not my cup of tea, i would not suspect colourblindness...or lesbianism for that matter.
    the crookedey shed suggests lesbianism more forcefully tho.



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