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Cruelty rays. Don't make me come back there and use them...

Monday, October 09, 2006   |   0 comments

It has come to my attention that certain segments of the population have branded my treatment of Himself as nothing short of cruel; there was some fretting recently about who my, quote, "cruelty rays" would focus on next. I would like to take this opportunity to state that Himself actually instructed me to be a bee-atch when it came to His "training". In retrospect, the theory behind may have been that He would be motivated to go running in order to get the hell away from me. Which is ok because I am obviously so lovely when just being myself that I am un-tearable-awayable-from(able). So there!

In other news: the Kerry Running Weekend failed to materialise. I understand that Alan had a sniffle touch of pneumonia. Typical boy!

Meanwhile, in the absence of a jaunt to the southwest due to Alan's sniffle touch of pneumonia, Himself, Jennifer & Marielle took themselves off to the Pheonix Park on Sunday for an 18 mile run [that's 1.5 times further than the Half Marathon, people] and I nosed around the shops for the duration. While I tried to find nice winter boots in a size 3, they managed to complete three x 6 mile laps at 55 minutes per lap in some seriously mingin' weather. Trés impressivo, non?

After all that madness [that's right, the smallest size they had was a 4, pah], some serious chillaxing was in order, so myself & the troops headed to Marielle's gaff for dinner where some very interesting and ultimately very tasty things were done with salmon, bruchettas and spinach. Admittedly, I wouldn't previously have known a bruchetta from a hole in the ground, but it was all still very yum - even Himself ate all his spinach, quite unprecedented treatment of a non-pea vegetable and a pretty impressivo testament to Marielle's chef-erry!



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