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Thursday, November 30, 2006   |   1 comments

I know it may appear as though I've been neglecting mon petit pink blog of late, but I have in fact being slaving away behind the scenes, trying to put together an account of the Roman holiday. Anyways, it's going a bit sloooowwwwly because work's been ker-azee busy since we got back and I've barely had the time [or the energy] to breathe let alone update a blog, with the result that I am now struggling a bit to remember all our adventures in the land of cappucinos in any kind of detailed chronological order. So that post is quite the work-in-progress!

While it's cooking, I think I'll throw a bit of a pity party for myself, on account of how I feel absolutely miserable and just generally wretched. I don't know why I bothered my arse getting the flu jab at all. My nose is running like Linford Christie on anabolic steroids, my sinuses are aching, I feel as though there's lead in the back of my skull, my lymph glands are overly-tender and I have that horrible pins-and-needles-ey feeling all over, almost as though I have little acupuncture needles rather than hair growing through my skin. My clothes and the hair on my head are actually hurting my skin.

I'm on my second Rubex of the day and am very likely to reach for a third. [Nobody try to stop me!!!] Our work Christmas "do" is tomorrow night and naturally I have left everything to the last minute - not just the usual "oh sweet mercilful hour, I have nothing to wear!!" kind of everything, but all the associated and über time consuming tan/nails/hair/mini home facial stuff too. No doubt I will stay up late tonight to do all the necessary beautifying and then tomorrow I will:

(a) be as sick as Naas General and unable to go to the party;

(b) have forgotten some vital aspect of my outfit like my shoes or my dress or something and have to pretend to be as sick as Naas General and cry off the party;

(c) discover that actually the party is sh*te and despite taking fourteen hundred Rubex and remembering my knickers I'll be making a run for it early anyways!

Feck, I really have nothing to wear. Yes, I have several nice LBDs and a couple of lovely skirts, but I've either no shoes or no tops or no accessories or no nothing to go with them to make a complete outfit. Better go leggit around the shops to see if I can pick something up... eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk!!!



  • At 3:54 pm, December 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm sooooo not looking up your blog anymore. Do you know what I'm after doing??!! I'm after buying a pair of shoes having looked at the girly websites (office). Grrrr, but they are so pretty!! Perfect for the christmas party!



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