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Tuesday, December 05, 2006   |   1 comments

I love love love shoe/fashion/beauty blogs, and I recently came across a really good 'un which is - wait for it! - homegrown to boot! Most of the truly great blogs I come across are written in Blighty or Stateside, which can be annoying when they rave about brands we just can't flippin' get here in the Emerald Isle [no, not even with d'internet, smart arse]. With that in mind, behold, the Irish beauty blog run by self-confessed product sluts and sisters, Aisling and Kirstie McDermott. I came across the site quite by accident but it is now superglued onto my Favourites list. How could anyone not love an Irish beauty blog that is posted to lovingly a couple of times a day [these girls are an inspiration!] and features, among other fabulous things, a DIY section with a recipe for home-made pore cleansing strips! Bravo, ladies.

Now, where did I put that gelatine...



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