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Nooooo shoooooooes...

Friday, December 01, 2006   |   0 comments

Right, well I bought a [very bloody expensive] pair of shoes last night to go with one of the LBDs. There are no pics of them to steal borrow on the River Island website, so I can't show you what they're like and see what you think. I'm now a bit worried that I was running a fever when I bought them and terrified that I'll wear them tonight because I can't go barefoot to the part-ay but will shove them in the back of my wardrobe in the morning which is where they will be doomed to malinger for evermore because the fever will have lifted and I'll have realised that they're absolutely, totally, unforgivably hick.

Anyways, they are black d'Orsay pumps, with a peep toe and a 3" heel. For the benefit of Himself and the many shoe ignorami that I'm sure are out there [although I don't know any, but it takes all sorts], the d'Orsay is basically a shoe in which the sides are cut away to reveal the arch and usually the outside of the foot, and consist only of the essential heel support and toe. Y'know, the kind of shoe that your Dad would roar laughing at, while telling you to "go back to the shop, they're after forgetting to give you the rest of that shoe!"

Well, I think they're lovely, Dad. At the moment.


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