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Naaaaay-bours, everybody needs good naaaaaaayyyy-bouuurs...

Friday, January 26, 2007   |   0 comments

If you haven't already checked out, might I recommend that you surf on over - after you've finish reading here, of course - and have a nose for your homeplace on it. Especially if you happen to be a resident of Station Road, Portarlington [Himself is vay involved in the Station Road forum so this post is mostly a gratuitous plug. Frankly though, this is my blog, I decide the content, and if you are foo' enough to read it then it's your own lookout!] The website's a great idea I think, you can meet your neighbours in cyberspace and recommend stuff to each other or help out people who are new to the area and maybe wondering where the best kebab joint is or just have a moan about that neighbour who's a total disgrace because they never mow their lawn/insist on standing in the front garden during the summer in a string vest clutching a can of the Netherland's finest/whatever. Genius!



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