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Stupid January...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007   |   1 comments

Sweet merciful hour, am I glad that the cesspool of a month that is January is over. I am now solvent again [well, just about, but Eddie would be so proud], the overhanging credit card debt has been banished, and all is financially right with the world.

'course, I still have to pay Himself back for the hol* and organise some form of a savings scheme, but I'm adopting the "la la la la laaaaaaa, Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii caaaaaaaan't heeeeeeeear youuuuu!" approach to these matters. Working well so far.

Now, I know that I was not alone in feeling the pinch in January. I am well used to listening to all and sundry cursing the month and all the money-related horrors it brings with it, but I actually to stick up for January, feeling that it was much maligned ["clearly it's a great month, sure wasn't I born in it?" / "it's not January's fault people went mad overspending and buying 'just incase' presents for Christmas, is it?" were the rationale behind my defense.]

Then this year, January apparently decided it didn't need my help ta very muchly, and went and killed my dog. So it can sh*g right off now, birthday or no.

Her name was Coco, and she was a *really* pretty, vay independent Pomeranian. She actually had the prettiest face of any Pom I've ever come across, and I've met quite a few - just between my family and immediate friends, I've known about ten of them. She would have been 16 on 16th February just gone, and the next person to say "Well, she was, like, 110 in dog years" will get a slap. A really hard one. I mean, you don't go telling people who've had a bereavement in the family that "sure, he had a good innings." [Although there are no doubt some etiquette-free zones who would wonder what could possibly be wrong with that.]

She had epilepsy and apparently this is just hal-arious. A dog with epilepsy?! Ho ho ho. I've been getting that a lot when people ask what happened to her. I'm not quite as annoyed about it when it's coming from someone who doesn't have a dog or maybe never had as much as a terrapin as a kid: they don't really get pets and pet owners. But I find it pretty offensive when it's the response of a fellow dog owner. Would they be so quick to laugh in my face if she had been hit by a car? Or riddled with cancer? Or poisoned? Beg, borrow or steal a little decorum, people.

* more of which anon



  • At 1:34 pm, February 23, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you cleared your credit card? bloody well done, chick.

    i'm eddie hobbs would be proud


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