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I just dunno, like. *Sigh*

Thursday, March 15, 2007   |   0 comments

I have been trying to think of A Specific Direction that I could take with le blog, rather than just having it as a collection of wish lists and rants about the inadequacies of public transport in this country and apologies about the not-finished-yet [sorry again] Rome post. I had a flash of inspiration last week: I know, I thought, I'll do a street-style blog! I love looking at what other people are wearing and eeeeverybody likes to (a) be told they look great, and (b) talk about themselves.

So I thunk that I would talk to punters about their sartorial get-up, take pics of them in their fabulous/kooky/flippin' bizarro attire and blog about them. Genius!

Except that I was beaten to it. By a week. Yes, seriously. God does have a sense of humour, it seems, although it looks to me like he's strictly a point-and-snigger kind of guy.



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