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Stupid fashion!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007   |   0 comments

'Member how this top put in an appearance in my most recent "ooooh, stuff I'd like" post? [What do you mean, "no"? Just smile and nod and no-one gets hurt.]


I traipsed out to Liffey Val last Thursday evening with the express intention of getting a New Going Out Top. My current collection of such garments consists solely of black tops, albeit in various guises. So since black is a colour that does, as me Mammy would say, absolutely nothing for me and I wanted the New Top so I'd have something nice for Lá Feile Paddy and there was nowt in town, it was on to the next 66X and off to Liffey Valley I had to go.

I had spotted this pretty little thang in the Warehouse shop there a few weeks back but was unable to track it down at all in their Graftno Street/Henry Street/Dundrum/Newbridge shops. I nearly fainted with the relief of it all when they not only had it in stock, but in my size! And I thought the top looked great on. The colours in it really complemented my colouring [don't I sound like I have a clue there?! Soup-erb] and there was some cleavage exposure which wasn't too boob-y or overt. Himself thought it looked too big for me and I was inclined to agree with him: it has that whole empire line/trapeze shape thing that is soooo this season [or so I read everywhere] and as a result I wasn't 100% sure about it. So I thought I'd leave it and look elsewhere, but it seems that nice Going Out Tops are thin on the ground and I had to hot-foot it back to Warehouse at 20:45 and dive in under the closing shutters. [Don't you hate the way shops do that, pretending to be open til X o'clock and then locking the doors at quarter or ten to! Rrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaooooooooorrrrr.]

And now - after all that effort - it turns out the stupid thing is a definite bring back. It is so maternity looking that I am convinced it was actually en route to Mothercare and accidentally got misdirected to Warehouse. I am a bit sad at the prospect of returning it because I know that this would be a simply gorgeous top if it weren't for the so-on-trend-it-hurts, wildly unflattering shape. Nothing's ever simple, is it?

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