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Mmmmm, Monart

Tuesday, October 23, 2007   |   1 comments

Apologies if my last post looks a bit untidy; IE has decided to play up and won't let me view my own blog [hmph] so I can't check how things are going up. Lucky I am not some obsessive control freak who has been totally freaking out for the last six hours about the possibility that my pics are misaligned, wha'?

Anyways. I have news! Himself and His boxers are whisking me away to Monart for three days for our Annimaversary. I was so shocked and so totally thrilled when He told me that I actually cried. I was also a little bit relieved - I was petrified He was going to tell me that He'd booked a couple of days in Noo Yoik [I have been banging on quite a bit recently about how much I want to go back.] Ordinarily such a trip would be a most wonderful prospect, but I am brokety broke broke broke at the mo and the idea of being in NY with no spending money when the Euro is at such a high is too depressing to fully contemplate.

Not a bit depressing, however, is the prospect of a three day stay in one of Monart's two suites [a suite!!! I so fanceee] next week. It's is a luxury destination spa [ooooohhh yes] and an adults-only facility [ooooohhh yes!] set amongst 100 acres of private mature woodland just outside Enniscorthy, and I have been craving a trip there since it opened in 2005.

Go on, have a nosey of the pics on their website. It's totally ok to be jealous of me. I nearly am!

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