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Specs appeal

Monday, December 03, 2007   |   2 comments

I stood on my specs this morning. They weren't in their usual spot on my bedside locker; I must have somehow knocked them [along with a glass of water and a music system speaker!] off it in the night. While carefully moving backwards as I blindly felt for them, I found them - under my heel. And although I barely trod on them, when I picked them up the left arm was pointing the wrong way.

Himself managed to bend it back so that at least they'd be wearable for the day, but they are a bit lopsided on my face. I don't think the frames would survive being pulled back into shape again; they're those kind of plastic-y frames and they've become quite brittle with time. I say "again" because I've had new lenses put in them, had them tightened, and had them pulled back into shape only last October when the passenger seat of a 3 door Micra which Himself neglected to hold smashed back into my face as I was attempting to climb out of the back of the car.

They don't really owe me anything though... I've just worked out that I've had them for 6 [count 'em] years!!!

Part of the reason I've had this pair [purple and turquoise by Booth & Bruce] for so long is that I find it really feckin' hard to get glasses that (a) I like (b) fit my face [most are waaay too wide for me] so I am not looking forward to this afternoon's spec shopping. To get me in the mood, I cast my eye around the InterWeb earlier, and espied some nice-looking frames on the D&G website. I'm particularly drawn to the second pair down there, the pink ones. Sure maybe it's time to unleash my inner Barbie!

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