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Money Money Money...

Friday, March 14, 2008   |   1 comments

So, the winning ticket for Wednesday's big Lotto draw was bought in Tesco in Newbridge. I heard about this when a barrage of women rushed at me in work first thing on Thursday morning and demanded to know when I was last in Newbridge, and if I'd been in to Tesco while I was there. They were all fierce disappointed to discover that no, I wasn't the lucky duck single winner of the jackpot. I'd have thought that the fact that I'd arrived into work rather than taking the day off to go look at big country piles in Wicklow would have been a big tell, but apparently not.

On account of not being millionaires, when we went out for dinner last night we went for an Early Bird menu. By virtue of its location, we wound up in Kitty's Bistro on Baggot Street, which was really only alright. Our brie starters were overdone and not exactly piping hot, Himself's bangers-and-mash mainer was incredibly salty, and our "oh yes, served hot" chocolate fudge brownie desserts were only barely on the tepid side of stone cold - and wierdly hard and crumbly to boot. In fairness, though, I have to say that the cranberry relish accompanying the brie was lovely and my main course [oven-roasted salmon fillet with honey Dijon glaze, rosemary potatoes and veg] was genuinely delish.

Wouldn't be rushing back.

In other news: it looks like I might finally get the spare bedroom painted this weekend! Sing hosannas. Still have to get undercoat up on one of the short walls but then it'll be Farrow And Ball's Strong White [or "light grey" to you and me] all the way. Think I'll toddle off now and do up a moodboard for the room to distract my mind from all the things I could be doing with a grand sum of €14,543,033.00.


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  • At 5:01 pm, April 23, 2008, Anonymous deisegirl said…

    Kitty's Bistro is a bit odd alright. Was only there the once. I wouldn't mind but it's not exactly cheap as chips or anything (then again, nothing in that area is cheap!)


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