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Wednesday, June 18, 2008   |   2 comments

So I had my second bout of Career Guidance yesterday morning, where the results from a series of aptitude tests that I took last week were revealed, analysed, and cross-referenced with my psychometric profile. To the best of my knowledge, that basically means that my skill set was overlaid on my personal traits and areas of commonality were identified, the idea being that if you're in a job that doesn't require you to force you to modify your behaviour you're far more likely to be happy in your work.

And what came up? As M wondered earlier, did he tell me to stick with the AP job?

Not so much, but he did say that he felt a big problem was that I'm working at far too low a level and that it's probably the absence of challenge that's causing me to be so chronically unhappy.

Occupations that cropped up as potential go-ers based on my personal stylee and my aptitude included accountant (I know, right? What does that say about my personality!), insurance/loans underwriter, librarian, interior/graphic/web designer, HR type, author, journalist, researcher and solicitor. It was noted that although I'm tenacious and very thorough, I'm inclined to perfectionism (which I thankfully have a handle on now - nothing like working to deadlines to knock perfectionist tendancies on their ass) and have a natural aversion to confrontation.

Between now and next Tuesday, I'm to consider and research the potential career avenues that have been identified and see if there are any absolute non-runners or definite winners among them.

Sure who knows, maybe this day week I'll be telling you it's all been sorted!




  • At 3:31 pm, June 19, 2008, Blogger Mary said…

    Lynnie ur so suited to journalisim its beyond me why you havent been snapped up already. u've excellent writting skills. very entertaining also! he was spot on there anyways! maybe i should get my own a** in gear and have a consult!

  • At 4:41 pm, June 19, 2008, Blogger Lyndar said…

    Well I had thought about it when I was leaving school but decided that I wouldn't be suited to it - anyone that I knew who was going to do journalism was really quite aggressive & loud & opinionated, and I am not naturally any of these things so I reckoned I'd be no use at it.

    It sort of never occurred to me that there were aspects of journalism that were maybe not quite so Hard Core & wouldn't involve doorstepping people!!


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