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No US citizenship? Get yer vote on anyway!

Friday, October 31, 2008   |   1 comments

If you're not actually an American and the run-up to the deciding of who'll be the next US Prez has you all worked up but with no way to vote, why not exercise your democratic right in Apartment Therapy's Fall Colours 2008 competition?

Zee from Homebug is flying the flag for our own fair isle and contesting the International portion of the race with her always-inspiring pad. She's through to Round 4 [ding ding] which looks like the final - so if she wins this bout, she'll be the overall International champion of the WORLD!!! Awesome, no? And just incase Trap's Army won't be able to do the deed in 2010, we could really do with a resounding Irish victory to carry us through the potentially dark days ahead, so get voting, people - your country needs you!

Now, you will need to register here to be able to cast your vote, but it's free and it's dead easy and Apartment Therapy [or "AT" as I will be knowingly calling them from now on] require the bare minimum of information to register. They also do right by their members, giving you opt in rather than schneaky opt out clauses for mailing lists and updates and the like. Proper order. Then just clickey here to vote.

As best I can figure out from the mad backwards-y way Americans write dates, the competition closes on Monday November 03rd @ 12 noon PST... which I make to be 8pm our time.

Good luck Zee!



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