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Ta daa!

Friday, October 31, 2008   |   3 comments

Lads, I am so good to ye. Not content with getting three posts up in the space of just two days [surely a record for this blog] I have now made it easier than ever to comment!

Ok, so it wasn't very actually difficult or masterful, but I've switched off the Word Verification yokembob that required you to copy down a sequence of random numbers or letters or both to confirm that you were a person and not an out-of-control spambot when leaving a comment on a post. So it should be a much quicker and user-friendly experience than was previously the case.

I think I'll treat myself to a celebratory sip of water [had toast for brekkie and Ryvita for lunch, back in work coz it's month-end and I'm a total martyr but still feeling majorly queasy] after all that effort.

Himself was spot on in what he said below: no sooner had I turned off Word Verification than I was hit with FOUR spammy comments. Bah. So what'll happen now is I'll moderate comments and pull out any spam before they get posted; this means it might take a minute for your comment to be approved but seriously, I'm saving you from some pretty nasty schizz!



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