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Happy Noo Year!

Friday, January 16, 2009   |   2 comments

Yeh, I know.

I've been a bad, baaaaad blogger. But it turns out that Accounts Receivable types get real busy in an economic downturn. Who knew?

At least I have a birrov news for y'all since last we spoke:
- The pre-Chrismas brunch was great craic, with goodie bags galore and lots of Lovely Girls downing sipping mimosas in Venu, cocktails in Café Novo in the Westbury Hotel, wine in Dakota and a random assortment of drinkies in Capitol Bar. Oh, and there was some food aswell. Pics here!
- We went to Monart for New Year's Eve & it was only fabilis, dahling. Love. It. So. Much.
- I have had a birthday and am now (gulp) 27. Eek!
- Himself had a birthday and is now 28. Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa...
- Ummm, that might be it.

Still no change on the job front but so far this week I have decided to be a journalist, a solicitor, an interior designer, and a beauty therapist. Not all at the one time, like, but it seems that there's at least one potential new job appealing to me every day. Who knows what I'll want to be today? Maybe a sexy assassin. Maybe the caretaker of the islands of The Great Barrier Reef. Can't wait to find out!

While I try to puzzle that out, have an oul' outfit picture to keep you going:

Chupi dress + jeans

(I am something less than an ace photographer so things that are very definitely navy In Real Life look nearly black here, soz about that.)

* Dress: Chupi
* Navy cardigan: Warehouse
* Vest top: H&M
* Indigo jeans: Joe's Jeans (these have lovely navy sparkly bits on the arse pockets, so they have)
* Navy & blue shoes: Irregular Choice (can't really see them in this pic but they have flower corsages!)
* Cream flower ring: Accessorize

Usually I wear this dress with navy opaque tights which is a much nicer look altogether, but it was a bit chilly this particular day so on went the jeans.

Anyways, it was a Friday and actually I am still being very good about not wearing them generally. (So now!)

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