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Friday, March 20, 2009   |   3 comments

Last week, I decided to order the limited edition graphic print pictured above from a crowd called village in New York. I think I'd espied it somewhere like an issue of Living Etc once upon a time and fallen madly in love with it - the juxtaposition of a no-nonsense font with the froth and frill of the colourway and the sentiment really appealed to me. It captured something of the zeitgeist of my yoof, when teenagers across the globe couldn't string a single sentance together without including the "like" filler. The Irish were no exception, and to this day it's a habit that is, like, nearly impossible for us to break. One of Joe O'Connor's recent radio diary entries dealt with this very issue.

So when a bit of birthday money came my way I said sure feck it anyway, I might as well get the thing, and decided to bite the bullet, placing my order last Wednesday.

I arrived into work this morning to see a cardboard shipping tube standing upright on my desk and was overcome with giddy excitement... until I opened it and noticed two wee holes in the outer wrapping paper. Eek. Carefully unrolling the print, nearly turning my head away and squinting out under the corner of my specs for fear that I might be about to see the unthinkable, my fears were realised. There were two corresponding holes in my print.

When I looked again at the outer cardboard tube, I spotted a dirty great big staple looking quietly out of place between the red "FRAGILE! HANDLE WITH CARE!" stickers dotted across the package, and then it hit me: the post room guys here have these in-house delivery dockets that they staple to goods received until they can get a signature for the items. Including $100 limited edition prints obviously marked "BE F*CKING CAREFUL WITH THIS!", apparantly.


Ever heard of a little thing called Sellotape, lads?!

Well, the print is ruined as far as I'm concerned. The holes are really, really obvious, in the plain light pink, and no, there is no disguising them. I will see them every single time I look at the stupid thing, regardless of how it's framed or where it's hung.

So. Like. Cross.

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  • At 2:57 pm, March 24, 2009, Anonymous littlemisswonders said…

    crap...thats horrible!!! Maybe you should use the staple gun on the guys in the mail room and see how they react?

  • At 9:20 am, March 25, 2009, Anonymous deisegirl said…


    There's so many zillions of things I'd like to order off the inter-mo-net but unlike in my last job where I WAS the post room person (i.e. I opened the door when the postman had a package) I don't like the idea of leaving heavy/precious items for the grumpy postroom man here to lug around (anything heavier than an annual report and he starts grousing). I suppose I should be grateful that it curtails my spending but I seem to manage just fine on ridding myself of any extra cash. Go me!

  • At 11:49 am, March 25, 2009, Blogger Lyndar said…

    LMW, I might just do that - when I got it home and inspected it even more carefully, I discovered that there are actually THREE pairs of puncture marks in it!!!

    (Cue Himself saying "Yeh I thought there must be more than just two holes in it, sure it was rolled up." Oh whatever, Mr. Logic.)

    Deise, I should have got it delivered to home & let them leave it into the P.O. in Port, but I think in a moment of madness I decided it'd be safer in the post room in work than getting fecked around there for a couple of days. Le sigh. That'll learn me...

    I started leaving my credit card at home to try and cut down on the online purchases, but then all the etailers started taking Laser. They are trying to ruin me I tells ya!


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