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Wednesday, April 22, 2009   |   2 comments

Haven't the heart to do much posting to le blog at the moment. As you may have gathered by the non-title of this entry, I am seriously mired in the dumps. Not just the usual "wish I'd a job I loved with all my heart" dumps, either; nope, they're being kept company by the "oh, my dream house just came on the market and I'm not minted enough to buy it" dumps.


It's this period semi-detached gaff in my hometown that I've been in love with since I was about 5 years old. It's just fabulous. Loads of character, oodles of period features, bursting with potential (hmm - maybe I could be an estate agent when things pick up again? Let's see... "deceptively spacious"... "bijou"... well, I can talk the talk anyway. Must put it on The List.) As I've mentioned a time or three, we're doing a spot of house-hunting at the moment, and this gaff to me is a real "forever" home. It's pretty big, has a decent back garden (which gets sun early morning AND in the evenings, swoon), proper side entrance, and a bit of ground out the front, and is probably the only house we've looked at that I can really see myself in for the long-term.

So it's an absolute crying shame that it's about €170,000 over budget. Personally, I think the vendors are being unspeakably greedy buggers with the asking price they've stuck on it, given that they bought it about two decades ago and probably paid a bag of apple drops and a copy of the 1985 Golden Pages for it.




  • At 12:26 pm, April 23, 2009, Anonymous deisegirl said…

    well if they're being really greedy buggers about it they might be waiting a long time for an offer and then the price will have to fall etc etc.... Do you have any idea how houses are selling in Port at the moment, I've peeked at the property websites a few times and my house is definitely in negative equity land at the moment la *sticks fingers in ears* can't hear you David McWilliams!! my house isn't perfect but I actually really love it, or maybe I just love the whole "having my own space" lark..I hope things work out for you anyway, in this climate, all sorts of mad sh1t can happen!

  • At 12:50 pm, April 23, 2009, Anonymous roxette said…

    lynnie babe i feel ur pain. We are stuck in our "practice house". Im seriously longing for some more space and something i can do up to my hearts content. Doesnt look like we will be able to shift our house either. And im stuck in a rut in work :(
    Well heres hoping we at least get a decent summer!


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