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For the birds

Friday, June 26, 2009   |   0 comments

Now, I can't remember exactly when ornate birdcages like the one above became cool as an interiors accessory. I do, however, clearly remember predicting that they were going to be The Next Big Thing about eight months before they started cropping up all over the place and being well-impressed with my cool hunter abilities.

I still have a grá for both indoor and outdoor fancy birdcages/houses for some reason - here's the Scandi chic birdie residence in our own back garden, for example:

So I was in my element altogether when I came across no fewer than three posts on new-to-me interiors blog Style Carrot dedicated to lovely ornamental ornithological gaffs.

There's an inspirations post, featuring decorative birdcages in interior settings.

There's a "where to buy" resource post.

And there's a post choc-full of accessories, including art and birdcage necklaces and wall decals from Etsy sellers.

And yes, sadly enough, I love it all!



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