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Sure what Domestic Goddess In Training would be without one?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009   |   4 comments

While having a lazy trawl around the Interweb for an Irish source for the very cool Umbra wallflowers in John & Sherry's gaff, I stumbled across a very nifty idea for a cookbook holder. The Cooknook, above, looks like it would solve nearly all the problems that confront me when I try to cook from a cookbook. Although it won't make the grub taste any better and is unlikely to prevent me cursing at the tome like the fishwife of a sailor, but then it's not magic.

What it would do:
- keep recipes at eye level;
- keep pages out of the way of spashes (and spills, in my case);
- look a bit cooler than the usual fairly gammy cookbook holders you might see about the place;
- fold back up into the fairly useless dead space under the cupboard when not in use, thusly not cluttering up the worktop or taking up room in the back of a press that could otherwise be occupied by some gone off naan breads.

Me likey.

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