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Friday, August 07, 2009   |   1 comments

I should really, really not be looking at shoes right now.

Well, actually, that may be a little harsh.

What I should definitely not be doing is shelling out €182 on a pair of strappy sky-high heels at the end of the summer-that-never-was. (Regardless of how fantastic I think they'd look with some skinny jeans or how good an homage they are to the tribal numbers in the Louis Vuitton SS09 collection.)

Since I've no immediate plans to do that - and not just because I can't decide between the three colourways on offer - it's a-ok to go Windows shopping, I reckon!

These are Topshop's "Primal" heels. Me likey. They're so lovely that I'm considering leaving work early to go pay them a visit on my way home. They're €182 in the store on St. Stephen's Green, if The Indo is to be believed... or £120 + £5 delivery directly from

Think I'll be taking my chances on the FX rate remaining stable - £125 is about €146 at today's rate of exchange - and ordering online when I win the Lotto on Saturday night!

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