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Thursday, September 10, 2009   |   0 comments

Partly because of my jealousy of those ladies in NYC and London who will get to partake in Fashion's Night Out this evening, partly because I'm wondering if I can get Himself to come see The September Issue by pretending it's about some autumnal political problem, and partly because Gossip Girl has me obsessing about clothes, I have just had a meander through UK.

I tried to read their beauty blog, but the annoyance at having to constantly click through to "Previous Posts" and then wait on those pages to load because there are about, ooh, 1.25 articles on each page quickly got the better of me.

So I took a peek at the "What to buy this week, according to" column. And I have to say, ahahahahahaaaahaahhhaaaaaaaaa! This week (week!), Vogue feels that we should be purchasing goods to the value of... £8,871.

There's aspirational, there's inspirational, and then there's hi, sorry, are you off your flipping rocker?

Good for a laugh, though.



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