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Magic floors at My Marrakesh

Tuesday, August 25, 2009   |   0 comments

My daily lunctime Interweb browsing has just brought me to My Marrakesh, which is the blog of Maryam, an American writer/personal shopper/human rights and democracy specialist living in Marrakech whose children have super-cool names (Skylar and Tristan) and who has nine peacocks in her garden.

And here I thought that a Westie called Boris and a couple of anonymous daddy long legs was exotic.


I have, unknowingly, been ogling her place for a while now. It turns out that the photos on AT of a doily-fabulous floor that I've been oohing and aahing over are of Skylar's bedroom (note to self: read photo credits in future to find fab blogs!), which was given a very pretty makeover earlier this year.

Love the way it juxtaposes the delicate intricacies of the lace with often industrial-feeling concrete:

Looks like it was fun to do, too:

The fabulous floors don't stop there, though: check out Tristan's room and Maryam's office:

Even the ceilings (in the rooms of Peacock Pavilions, the family's soon-to-be-opened boutique hotel) are fab and modern Moorish, and the whole blog makes me desperately want to visit Marrakech again... or at the very least tidy out my Moroccan-y downstairs loo. It sports a souk-found mirror that looks like a sister to this one on Maryam's blog and is easily one of my favourite travel finds:

Images are via Apartment Therapy & My Marrakesh.



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