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Office-y musings.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009   |   3 comments

I don't know if it's the fact that a new school year has kicked off or the fact that I've just applied for that 2-year career break (EEK!), but home office spaces are on my interiors radar in a big way at the minute. I'm thinking that our spare/junk room could handle a desk and associated stationary (mmm... the smell of new bukes) and bits and bobs to make a little office-y nook.

Of course, before that starts I will have to dig out the bed and floor from beneath the mounds of clothes/suitcases/miscellaneous other crap currently residing on them and find alternative homes for that junk assortment of precious belongings...

Cue photees of ridiculously tidy home offices to distract me from those horrendous jobs!

Nicole's home office

Viv's studio

Yvonne's desk

John & Sherry's desk nook

Bespoke Press's office (cor, check out the legs on that table!)

Some random office-type-set-ups-in-non-office-rooms scenarios from House To Home:

Very nice, like, but where do these people keep all their stuff?! Also, it occurs to me that I will most certainly have to procure a Mac of some description for my desk to look purty this sabattical to work out.

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  • At 10:46 pm, September 09, 2009, Anonymous Hermione said…

    The OCD freak in me loves the many types of organisation in Bespoke Press's office but I really, really love the bookcases in the second last photo!

  • At 10:55 pm, September 09, 2009, Blogger Lyndar said…

    They're fab aren't they! I have a dream of having a library with wall to wall bookcases like that.


  • At 11:12 am, September 16, 2009, Blogger deisegirl said…

    Career break? Oooh, am jeluz!!

    I had a dream of a room full of fitted bookshelves in my house when I moved in but the walls are a bit dodgy (shock horror) so I settled on two large bookcases from Homebase that are now stuffed to the gills with books, boxes and other tat. Love them though :)


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