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Eeeeep! News!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009   |   8 comments

Have received e-mail from HR confirming that the career break is a go. (Although had sort of presumed that was the case. Once my manager was given the nod to move people around to fill my role, it did look fairly unlikely that the CFO was going to ring me in tears and beg me to stay and tell me I was irreplaceable.)

Am meeting with aforementioned manager this morning to agree a release date, since my preferred departure date has passed.


In other news, we purchased the bones of the home office in IKEA last night, including a Skruvsta chair which I plan to reupholster.

Just as soon as I finish the dog's bed.

Still no pen holder, though...

UPDATE: Am finishing up on Friday 23rd October! Now that the whole thing's being finalised, am sick as a mid-sized hospital with worry about whether it's Definitely The Right Thing To Do.



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