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Thursday, October 22, 2009   |   1 comments

It's been a busy busy week.

There was breakfasting with the fashion blogger crew at BT2 in Dundrum last Saturday morning, organised by Annmarie (who was off imparting pearls of style wisdom in Kildare Village at her "Fashion Me Fabulous" style masterclass. Fancy or wha'!)

Now technically, it was the monthly Fashion Bloggers Brunch but lookit, I am not going to call 10am of a Saturday brunchtime.

In between attacking enormous double chocolate muffins, sinking gallons of tea, and trying to avert mine eyes from the lash and manicure bars lest temptation should overtake me, I met new-to-these-meet-ups bloggers Nicky of Nicky's Rag Tales, Cathy of The Style Strutter and Aliz of White Rabbit. For such an early hour, there was an excellent turn-out: Cillian of
Male Mode, Garrett of Indigo & Cloth and Conor of were reprezentin' for the boys, and Arsheen of Fashion Filosofy, Blanaid of, Sinead of The Savvy Shopper, Catherine and Lillian of This Is An Offshoot and Ailbhe of Bluebirds Are So Natural were all there too - each and every last one of them looking far too cool for that hour of a Saturday. Big thanks to Aoife and Analeigh in BT2 for hosting us (and for the lovely and very generous goodie bags!)

I'd a great time and should really make the effort to go to these things more often.

Then it was off with us to The Buke Launch at the BT mothership on Graftno Street. (Typo in homage to predictive text fully intended.)
Amy Huberman was on hand to do the necessary - and I can tell you that she has the most fabulous skin and superb taste in brógaí if the amazing studded sandals she was wearing on the day are anything to go by - and Aisling was signing copies of the tome in an appropriately gorgeous studded black French Connection dress (more than a touch of frock envy there. It. Was. Fab.)

The whole thing was a roaring success.The place was absolutely freakin' jammers - yay! - with hundreds and hundreds of ladies lining up clutching their shiny new copies of "The Guide To Gorgeous" to score an autograph.

It seems there were peeps snapping away all day, so sure here's a mini "What I Weared" for the craic:

The goods:
- Grey & silver sparkle peep-toe slingbacks: Stradivarius
- Skinny jeans to get caught underheel (but, weirdly, only on one foot) on account of slingbacks: Topshop
- Grey cardi with silver sequin & net shoulder detail: Penneys
- Coral vest top: H&M
- Silver sequin mini skinny scarf yoke worn as belt: Marks & Spencer
- Corsage (just seen on "belt"): A|Wear
- Striped scarf which represents 100% of the cashmere content of my wardrobe: Marks & Spencer

The rest of the week has passed in a blur of trying to clear my desk and my work "To Do" list and worrying if there are things that I've forgotten to put on the "To Do" list. Oh, and trying to plan/pack/gather my few meagre words of Spanish (because there is no point confusing myself with trying to start into Catalan) for Barcelona.


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  • At 9:53 am, October 23, 2009, Blogger deisegirl said…

    ooh lucky you having a reason to make up proper "to do" lists. I did a Lidl shopping list for tonight and I really have nothing else worth making a list for :(


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