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Monday, November 23, 2009   |   4 comments

One of the best - and worst - things about being at home for large tracts of the day is that I keep noticing things around the house that need to be done.

This is good because there's a chance the gaff will start to feel a bit more like home. We've now been living here for over three years but have yet to hang a picture. People who don't know us ask us how we're settling in when they visit, assuming that we've just unpacked.

It's bad because every time I turn around I see something else to put on the ever-lengthening to do list. And decorating is something that Himself and myself do not see eye to eye on, so it's leading to rows.

While I don't particularly enjoy painting - ooooh yay, can I do the cutting in?!?! - it's not like it's difficult. Same goes for sweeping and hoovering and making the bed and loading and unloading the washing machine - Himself doesn't see this as a two-step job and prefers to leave damp clothes to moulder and stink in the drum - and drying clothes and putting them in the hot press or ironing them or folding them and putting them away.

Himself would like to get in a housekeeper in for these things. And get someone in to do the painting/decorating.

There are two of us, and a dog. In a two-bedroom fun-size house.

It sounds stupidly extravagant, I think. And smacks of being the lazy way out. However, I am told, it would free us up to do other things. Fun things.

Like what?

Spending entire weekends watching Malcolm in the Middle marathons on Sky1?

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  • At 4:01 pm, November 23, 2009, Blogger deisegirl said…

    We have yet to paint and the whole house is just Scuff Mark City but that's my Summer 2010 project. We actually have hung up pictures, we blizted the house a month or two ago and hung up all the pictures we had just lying around on the floor and in wardrobes. Phew, I need to lie down just thinking about that (and I didn't even hang any of them)

  • At 5:17 pm, November 23, 2009, Blogger Rachelle said…

    Dont despair Lynnie, im in the same boat too. Im embarressed to admit ive hung a picture, but its one i got 2nd from a family member and i hate it. Its on my list to takedown!
    We're in our house 3yrs this christmas and our back garden is still a pile of muck! morto.

  • At 5:31 pm, November 23, 2009, Blogger Lyndar said…

    Deise, I'm trying to convince myself that pictures and mirrors and the like look very contemporary just leaning against the walls. Ehem. Also, we need to print a load of photees - I have lovely frames on shelves in the sitting room that still have the pics of the models in them!!!

    Rachelle, I think the best thing about the long evenings is that after about 5 o'clock, I can't really see the state the garden is in lol. A lot of the blogs I read are full of perfectly kept and beautifully decorated houses that people have just moved into and done all the work on themselves.

    I used to find them inspirational but eh now I find myself wanting to tilt all their well-hung pictures sideways and mess up their throw rugs!

  • At 11:34 am, November 24, 2009, Blogger deisegirl said…

    OK seriously, at least take the "model pictures" out of the frames!!! (Sad state of affairs when someone is out-lazing me!)

    Yes, long evenings mean The Swamp at the Back of the House is under cover...thankfully. I was chopping loads of veg yesterday and I just put all the peel straight into the bin because I couldn't face the Amazonian-style trek to the Dalek-style compost bin in the corner of the Swamp. I was only at it last week but I'd say with the weather we're after having there could be many new lifeforms lurking within


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