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Night night.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009   |   0 comments

Oh man, I so need to go to bed. Two & A Half Men repeats are the height of the good telly, and the house is getting cold so rapidly that the heat from my laptop is no longer sufficient to keep me toasty.

Oh, and I'm knackered.

But tomorrow I'll hopefully be putting up a made-by-my-own-fair-hands blind on the kitchen window as part of the drive to get the house in some kind of order this week. Himself's birthday is on the 22nd and I've set it up in my head as a deadline of sorts. It'll be a roll-up blind constructed from the offcuts of the panel blinds in the dining room and things like dowelling and battens and made by following these instructions.

Mostly I'm mentioning this here because it's been a work in progress pretty much since we got the dining room blinds, which was neither today nor yesterday, and maybe a mention on le blog will spur me on to complete it.

Yeh. Maybe.

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