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Of decorations and doormats and round brackets...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009   |   0 comments

Well, we might not have a tree yet (Himself has promised that we will procure the perfect specimen tomorrow) but two Christmas cards have arrived already (people are so organised!), there are twinkly warm white LED fairy lights in a vase on the hall table (they'll eventually live in the kitchen à la Nigella), our wreath's on the front door, and today, I picked up this snazzy new doormat (with 25% off) from a little shop called House & Home in Newbridge. The previous incumbent (Paul Smith-esque swirling multi-coloured stripes from Heatons, no less) recently celebrated its 3rd birthday and was looking more than a little tired.

I like that the new mat's not overtly Christmassy but still feels (well, to me at least) festive. Maybe it's the red. Or the white. Or the red and white.

(Or the way the white polka dots kinda remind me of snow!)



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