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I can haz Indo interview?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010   |   4 comments

indo feature

It's been a mild inconvenience for years - having to ask other people (me) to look up things online that she's heard G Ryan talking about or keep an eye out for "the cheap Ryanair flights" - but Mam is now properly raging that she can't work the interweb. That's because today I am on the Irish Independant website for their My Make-Up And Me feature and - merciful hour - there is a photo.

As you can see, I have yet to get the hang of not looking like a complete eejit in a profile pic. (Mam will, of course, think that I look lovely. The fact that I am not only smiling but showing some teeth will probably have her devoting novenas left, right and centre.)

If I'd just been practising taking my own photo for Bebo and De Facebuke for the last couple of years like everyone else I'd have this profile photo business down to a fine art by now.

Thanks so much to the lovely Sinéad Van Kampen (who you may know from such brilliant blogs as for asking me to take part!

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  • At 12:31 pm, February 04, 2010, Anonymous Himself said…

    there are photometry specialists with PhDs who thought that was a studio pic!

  • At 10:47 pm, February 04, 2010, Anonymous Hermione said…

    Ah, Mammies are great - them and their novenas!
    Your Mammy is right though - you like fabliss altogether!

  • At 4:51 pm, February 06, 2010, Blogger deisegirl said…

    ooh go you! And with the photo of you and Eva Longoria across from each other on the page I can really see the likeness. :-)

    re the article, agree about Modern Friction, am down to the last of mine and it's starting to co-agulate in an upleasant fashion from getting too wet or being exposed to air. Either way, not good! I am a tightarse when it comes to toiletries and make up so will be picking some more up the next time I'm at the airport!

  • At 12:25 pm, February 09, 2010, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Aw thanks ladies! And Himself's photometry specialist ;)

    Deise, my pot is actually in a very similar state, but there are rumblings that we may be going to London weekend after next so it will do til then! Mmm... airport shopping...


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