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Late to the party. Blub.

Monday, February 08, 2010   |   2 comments

Am supposed to be beavering away and doing lots of work so as not to have to be glued to the laptop all evening. So, naturally, I am continuing my Windows shopping instead.

I spotted and duly ogled and felt up the "Sasha" satchel from Marc by Marc Jacobs in BT in Cork a few weeks ago, but it's the lickle pouchette of the
Petal To The Metal range that has really flown away with my heart. The birdie detailing is adorable without being saccharine, and the bag itself would be ideal for slinging your wallet, keys, and lipbalm in of a weekend.

My only problem would be choosing a colour - the black doesn't do much for me but I like all the other colourways - but fortuitously it looks like that's a decision I'll never actually have to wrestle with since the pouchette appears to be sold out everywhere...

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