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WIN A NEW BUM! (Sort of.)

Friday, March 12, 2010   |   23 comments

Since I have now gone the gym on two consecutive Saturdays and actually did a home workout yoke one day last week (the dog thought I'd lost the plot completely), I am all about the fitness and the health and the wellness today at the moment. Sadly, my ancient runners are wicked effing uncomfortable and my one pair of tracksuit bottoms that aren't completely covered in paint are a size too big and about a foot too long and look completely clown-like on me.

Handily, the nice people at Reebok are coming to my rescue. 

Knights in shining armbands, if you will. 

I've been asked to trial a pair of their shiny new EasyTone runners which, as far as I can make out, are MBT-type yokes. (But better looking. More "normal footwear", less "orthopedic device".) There's talk of things like "28% more bum muscle activation" and "11% more muscle activation in the calf muscles and hamstrings". 

Minimise my gluteus maximus, tone up my thighs, and get fabulous calves to boot? Yeh, I'll take some of that pleasethankyouvermuch.

They're also going to tog me out in some snazzy Reebok training gear. New (presumably non-paint splattered) trakkie bottoms ("training pants" is the more correct term, according to the press release), a new t-shirt ("training top"), new sleeveless hoodie or jacket ("sports top"), new sports bag (er, "sports bag") and a pedometer will be winging their way to me shortly.

Yes, yes. Hard life. Now, before you start darkly muttering things like "it's alright for some", I have another bit of news. Reebok are going to hook you up with your very own pair of EasyTones and your very own kit pack! Complete with pedometer! Wohoo!

Sure we'll have lovely arses like yer woman here in no time at all.

"So, all I have to do is stand here with the telephone cord 
wrapped around me and my arse, like, tones itself? Cool."


This giveaway is now closed.

Thanks to everyone who entered! I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow (Tuesday, 16th March).

TO ENTER:   Leave a comment on this post. Simples!
(I was going to make you complete a tie-breaker or something similarly arsey, but then I remembered that I'm not actually a total wagon.)

THE DEETS:  Giveaway is open to anyone with an Irish address (north or south) and closes 5pm, Monday 15th March. One entry per person, please. Winner will be chosen using There is no cash alternative and my decision is final. The winner will be provided with registration details for Reebok's EasyTone website so they can choose their preferred style/size of runners and kit and leave feedback on their experience.

Good luck!



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