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Cath who?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010   |   0 comments

For a long time, your only woman for cool printed oilcloth was Cath Kidston. And while some of her designs are things your granny wouldn't dream of putting on her table (pink with white stars, mar shampla) at its heart I always feel this is a cottage cool, shabby chic kind of brand and actually lots of the designs are likely to have major gran appeal.

So if Cath Kidston's a bit too twee for your tastes, you can now opt for something decidedly more kitsch. Flamingo print oilcloth, anyone..?

I can come up with no use for oilcloth in my own gaff (suggestions on a postcard) but here are some more of the new-for-SS10 offerings from Rice for your viewing pleasure:

Clicky here for details of Rice stockists in Ireland.

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