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The garden in thumbnails: oooh, pretty.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010   |   1 comments

The pair of Japanese crab apples in our garden are just starting to burst into bloom, and some of the plants that I thought were dead were actually just taking their sweet time about waking up.

Oh hai, fuchsia, good to see you!

I've been meaning to collate all the care info about what's in our garden so that I'd know when to expect them to wake up from winter or when to prune them, rather than just going on instinct and the few plant info cards that are floating around the house. I've been meaning to do it for about a year - so far, I have mostly just collected nice pictures of our plants. Ehem. Anyway, might as well put those photees to work, so here's a thumbnail collage of all the lovely things in our garden (that I know the names of and could therefore source a picture of) which survived the winter!

All photos are from BBC Gardening, I think,with the 
exception of the white lavender which is via Gardening Express.



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