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No, I'm not dead in a ditch...

Monday, April 26, 2010   |   0 comments

I know that things were very, very quiet on the blog last week. Sorry about that, peeps, but a collision of circumstances conspired to keep me from the computer.

The weather was lovely, so naturally I panicked and thought OHMYGODTHISCOULDBETHESUMMER!!!MUSTMAKETHEMOSTOFIT!!! Cue lots of outdoors-y activity, and I can't see the screen of my laptop in the sun.

I also just had an awful lot of Real Life stuff on last week, including a clean-up of our estate, a 79th birthday party, a graduation, a confirmation, a big night out (and subsequently, a hangover) as well as lots of gardening and house-y things to do.

I couldn't even put up the weekly Talon-tastic Thursday post because, well, I was wearing a bling-y varnish you've seen before.

Anyway, one of the house-y things I did was finally print some photos and put them in frames! I'll leave you today with a gratuitous trinity of Boris-with-different-haircuts snaps in a deadly doggie frame I bought about, oh, 2 years ago:

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