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Separated At Birth

Thursday, April 15, 2010   |   2 comments

It's been bugging me for flipping ages, trying to figure out who Eastwick's Paul Gross* reminded me of. 

Initially, I thought it was John Barrowman that he was putting me in mind of. And it was no mean feat trying to explain to Himself who John Barrowman is: "Ah you do know him, come on! Remember he was on Dining With Celebrities Come Dance With Me On Ice?"

Oh sure, indigestion photographs well but DAMN it's uncomfortable.

Then I saw a photee of one Larry Hagman circa I Dream Of Jeannie in Newbridge Silverware yesterday and it - finally - clicked.

Paul Gross
Larry Hagman

*Apologies to the purists, to whom he'll always be Due South's mountie.


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