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Talon-tastic Thursday: It's Chanel, dahlinks...

Thursday, April 01, 2010   |   0 comments

Chanel Le Vernis Orange Fizz #307

Sticking two fingers up to this week's completely psychotic weather (stupid LHC), I've decided to go with something bright and cheerful and decidedly un-wintery for today's Talon-tastic post.

This is part of my Chanel nail varnish wardrobe, which mostly houses Blue, Rose and White Satins together with an ancient bottle of as-seen-in-Pulp-Fiction Rouge Noir.

Still no Particulière yet, and since apparently the only way to get hold of it is to pay insanely over the odds and promise your first born to some fleaBay shark, it looks unlikely to join my little collection anytime soon.


Anyways. Orange Fizz was bloody hard to capture accurately on camera and is actually not quite as pink as it appears in the swatch above. It's a bit of a strange colour, swinging between a near pastel-looking coral outdoors in daylight and a bright, near neon tangerine indoors. In terms of application, you're looking at a minimum of three coats for an even finish, which is something that wouldn't faze me at all with cheapy polishes but rightly gets on my wick with a top dollah super-luxe brand.

And yes, there is an argument that you're just paying for the name with a brand like Chanel, but frankly that's no excuse for peddling the kind of streakiness that any self-respecting rasher would be jealous of.

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