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Need new ice-cream bowls? Head to TK Maxx.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010   |   4 comments

Having locked myself out of my house yesterday and with Himself not due home for hours and hours on end, I took myself off to Portlaoise to hit up Superquinn for some half-price crab meat and other vittles... and, er, accidentally ended up in TK Maxx.


I sort of thought I might pick up a few picture frames or some kitchen bits, but I emerged with a tub of ceramic baking beans (an absolute necessity), a giant bottle of Tigi Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey shampoo (am just about out of all other shampoos, so I actually did need this!) and four acrylic ice cream bowls, two pink and two purple.

I need hardly tell you that they were an essential addition to my servingware collection.

They were €2.99 each, also available in green, black, red, and clear, and I heart them. They remind me a bit of the set of my granny's little pink glass bowls that I don't like to let people use for fear they'll break.

You can just see one here, posing as a vase:

Afterwards, I did make it to Superquinn for the crab meat which I proceeded to make into crab cakes (will post the recipe tomorrow if I get around to it.)

They would likely have been delicious had I managed to cook rather than cremate them.



  • At 6:38 pm, May 25, 2010, Blogger Babaduck said…

    Arf - I *might* have done a blog post about the wonderousness of TK Maxx yesterday. I saw those bowls & matching glasses... so cute!

  • At 8:24 pm, May 25, 2010, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Ha ha brilliant! We should have a day out where we hit up Ikea and TK Maxx and maybe a Boots ;)

  • At 9:13 pm, May 25, 2010, Anonymous himself said…

    i'm glad you made it to superquinn so you could make our lovely dinner

  • At 10:41 pm, May 25, 2010, Blogger Gee Gee said…

    I saw those bowls in my TK Maxx and the glasses too, along with some lanterns like Babas and fell in love, think I may be spending some of this weeks wages in TK Maxx now thanks to ye :D


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