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Talon-tastic Thursday: Two purples and a clothes haul

Thursday, May 13, 2010   |   2 comments

Since there was no Talon-tastic Thursday last week, I thought I'd try and make it up to you with a double-whammy of jewel-toned fabulousness today.

First up is Rimmel Purple Reign, €5.23, one of the recently released additions to the 60 Second range. It's a purple with undertones on the pink/red end of the colour spectrum, cut with a very subtle shimmer. 

I think it'd be totally work appropriate for all but the most sedate environments, but then eh I used to wear Skittles manis to work. Might not be best placed to make decisions about work appropriate nail colours, I suppose.

This next one is probably not for work. Not even for me. 

I got a bit (more) obsessed with sparkly purple nail varnishes last Saturday when I was supposed to be looking for day dresses in Whitewater in Newbridge. So naturally enough, I came home with no dress, a green top from a|wear...

... a duo of skinny plaited belts from New Look (the brown is more tan and less sh*te coloured In Real Life)...

... and a bottle of Gosh nail varnish in Gasoline, €8...

I was also very, very tempted by a bottle of Estee Lauder Ultra Violet and a Rimmel that I can't remember the name of but which is more of a blue-purple than Purple Reign and is proper glittery, so really I did well just to come home with one new bottle of purple bling.

I decided to use my new Gosh to try and recreate the purple Katy Perry manicure I've been ogling for the last while. Here it is, incase you haven't seen it yet:

And, eh, here's my effort (sorry about the terrible photo quality):

Ah. Should possibly have grown out my nails and looked more closely at the placement of the bling bits on Katy's mani before attempting this. As it is, my nails just look like they were attacked by a sprinkles-happy 3-year-old. 

Le sigh.

This is two coats of Gasoline atop the aforementioned Purple Reign, not just because I was stuck for time but because Gasoline has a fairly sheer magenta jelly base which I do not love. It is far more glittery than it looks in these pics, though.

What nail varnish or other lovely beauty bits are you wearing today or planning to sport at the weekend?

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  • At 3:15 pm, May 13, 2010, Blogger Anneelicious said…

    I actually way prefer your version to Katy Perry's. Her nails look like they're taking over her entire fingers. Are they too big for her??

    Love that Gasoline nail polish by Gosh - have it at home and love how you can make it much darker by layering coats.

  • At 4:18 pm, May 13, 2010, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Ha ha deadly! Yeh the tips seem too wide for her nailbed alright, vay strange looking indeedy.


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