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Sets & The City: Carrie & Big's Apartment

Tuesday, June 15, 2010   |   1 comments

Now, I'll warn you right this minute that this post is going to be image heavy, but I was really taken with the set design in Sex And The City 2, and Carrie and Big's apartment in particular.

Here's a gallery of stills of the apartment set - a house tour of sorts - for you to feast your eyes on!  

The closet/dressing room is, needless to say, fantastic, but I particularly love all the wallpaper, the butterfly terranium (a 19th century antique) on the console in the entryway, and the built-in bookcases in the... would you call it a foyer? As for the blue pouf (it's the Lola ottoman by Anne Kyyro Quinn) and the wall-mounted lamps in the living room, well, suffice to say wantsies

I wasn't mad about the bedroom, really, nor was I gone on the "Moroccan" corner and flowery curtains in the living room, but hey. I would still totally move in here in the morning.

Images via Elle Decor, InStyle, NY Daily News, Architectural Digest, Sex And The City 2, and Marks & Frantz

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  • At 10:03 am, June 15, 2010, Blogger likemamusedtobake said…

    Great post Lynnie, I was in heaven looking at all of the interiors in the cinema. I missed that butterfly terranium in the movie but now I NEED it. I also love the blue pouf and think it would be so pretty as a dressing table stool in a fabulous boudoir. I agree with you about their bedroom, very lifeless and like a hotel bedroom. I did love the bedroom curtains though and they reminded me of the ones from her suite in the Ritz from the Paris episodes.


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