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A Spot of Summer Shopping

Sunday, June 27, 2010   |   3 comments

Although I very much like mooching around the shops, I very rarely actually buy clothes.

However, with holidays and Himself's sister's wedding on the horizon and some vouchers burning a hole in my pocket, the last couple of weeks have been the exception to the rule.

First things first: I found a frock for the wedding!

River Island

It's about a gazillion times nicer In Real Life than in that photo, now. The material's beeyorriful: really gorgeous gold shimmery detail on a non-shimmery peachy pink background. Oh, and it's quite a bit longer on me than on this bird! The hemline falls just above my knees. 

I'm going to see if I can have the straps removed - the top is boned so hopefully it'll be possible to wear it as a bandeau dress. 

A couple of sundresses have come home with me recently also...

L-R: AX Paris @ New Look, River Island, New Look

... together with a bird-print skirt that's not quite Miu Miu, but it'll have to do do...
River Island

... and an embellished white top that's lovely with jeans.

New Look

Accessories-wise, my collection of straw hats and flower rings has been expanded.

L-R: Accessorize, River Island

Although it's only for festivals and journeys in convertibles, I'm not convinced that the cowboy hat doesn't make me look like an eejit. If I can find a trilby that fits me properly it'll be a bring back, I think.

Last but not least, Himself is hopefully going to pick up this dress for me tomorrow...

River Island

And yes - it is far better looking in person!

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